Scientific Background

Profilingvalues is based on the scientific approaches of Prof. Robert S. Hartman, a German scientist who emigrated via England and Mexico to the USA. The assessment is founded on value metrics and calculates the deviation from a logical, mathematical norm.

The competency scales of the profilingvalues instrument have been scientifically validated many times. The method was tested against other tools such as Cattell 16 PF. Profilingvalues is a unique system worldwide which can address the needs of employers and identify the capabilities of an applicant.

In case you are interested in more information regarding the methodology of the profilingvalues procedure, you can download a compilation of scientific studies as well as further explanations.

Robert S. Hartman

Robert S. Hartman

Influenced by his experiences in WWII, he devoted himself to the idea whether good could be just as efficiently and effectively organized as evil. He didn’t want to accept that in the history of mankind; only those should prevail who act brutal and inhuman. Therefore, he developed value science and presented the axiom: “Good is what fulfills its concept.” Thus, the basis for the three value dimensions was created: intrinsic (human), extrinsic (factual), and systemic (principle).

The practical-operative application of this research is known today as the Hartman Value Profile (HVP). In 1973 Hartman was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but he passed away shortly beforehand.

Four years after the death of the scientist, the Robert S. Hartman Institute was founded to advance the work of Prof. Hartman throughout the world and apply it in his spirit.

Our Quality Standards

The psychometric test from profilingvalues meets all of the quality requirements which are placed on scientific psychological assessment methods. The scientific system is based on three pillars: objectivity, reliability, and validity. 

  • Objectivity means that the psychometric test always yields the same result, independent of who performs, evaluates, and interprets the test procedure. As a computer-based method with a very high degree of standardization, profilingvalues can be appraised as an extremely objective instrument in application and analysis. Together with the comprehensive training provided in the certification seminar, the graphic depictions comparing the results to the overall population, as well as the detailed descriptions in the manual, the objectivity of interpretation is guaranteed.
  • Reliability stands for consistency and accuracy. The results remain the same, even when the psychometric test is repeated. The split-half reliability of profilingvalues is .80 which represents a good rating.
  • The validity refers to the appropriateness, relevance, soundness, and usefulness of the specific conclusions which are drawn from the test results. Basically, valid tests measure exactly that what are supposed to measure. A survey among certified profilingvalues users with 122 probands showed that in personnel development and selection 96.5% and 85.7% of those surveyed are satisfied with the significance of the profilingvalues Report in their corresponding fields. Thus, the concurrent validity is given. 100% of the certified users even verified the high accuracy and customer satisfaction in staffing decisions with the aid of the profilingvalues Report, so that the predictive validity could be proven.