Further Training for Consultants: Masterclass PRO gives insights into Hartman Consulting

With its successful pilot run in 2015, profilingvalues began a new, highly promising journey.  In addition to the profilingvalues certification, the supplementary training opportunities, the multitude of support and guidance material provided, Prof.  Robert S. Hartman’s scientific approaches are now also directly applied to consulting, seminars, and workshops to provide application-oriented knowledge.

The axiom underlying the psychology of values, “Good is what fulfills its concept,” creates the basis for three fundamental dimensions: human, factual and principle. These dimensions are valuable to different degrees und provide transparency for each specific situation. The fact that humans are more valuable than factual circumstances is quite obvious. It is also clear that rules and principles guiding our lives should be positioned after things and, of course, after humans.

The topic “Hartman Consulting” presented in three test seminars last year was very popular among the certified users. By using manageable tools, the participants have learned how to deal with the complexity of daily life and ways to create transparency, also in order to differentiate clearly between right and wrong as well as between better and worse. The next seminar will take place on June 8, 2016. Moreover, a workshop on the Canary Islands lasting several days is being planned.

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