A Unique Audit for Sales Professionals

Profilingvalues is launching a sales audit to optimize the structure and analyze the team without manipulation.

Sales managers often have little opportunity to analyze their sales staff objectively. The success of salespeople is dependent on a wide variety of key factors. For the first time, these crucial positions can be measured without manipulation by deploying profilingvalues. Founded on the Hartman Value Profile, this psychometric method measures personality traits in one’s current phase of life. From the approximately 20 minute long online procedure, sales managers receive an absolutely objective analysis and information on potential areas of development.

Munich, 19. August 2014 – “The difficulty about key competencies lies in that they have been hard to measure up to now, especially the inner attitude,” reports Dr. Uli Vogel. As the Managing Director of profilingvalues he is familiar with this problem when consulting executives.  It is precisely this experience that he transfers to his innovative sales audit. “For decades there have been psychometric tools which effectively measure personality traits. Unfortunately, these are generally manipulable and do not clearly show the mindset of a person, which is dependent on his or her phase of life”, describes Vogel. Exactly this is where profilingvalues proves itself. It is based on the Hartman Value Profile and cannot be manipulated. It also reflects the current stage of life and this is included in the final results. This system has been established for more than 5 years. Meanwhile, it belongs to the standard repertoire of experts in coaching and management development. In special sales audits this method will be used for ideal coordination of sales teams.

Sales Coaching with profilingvalues

Salespeople have many things in common with managers. Their success does not depend on specialized knowledge, but rather on certain personality traits, explains Uli Vogel in describing the context between both professional groups. Based on these thoughts, he has developed a sales audit analogous to management coaching. The requirements are aligned in detail with the sales managers. Subsequently, the sales employees complete the 20 minute online procedure. After the evaluation the management team receives a self-explanatory report. On request, feedback calls can be conducted with the participants. As a result, areas for optimizing and targeted suggestions for development arise which can be worked out together in a workshop. And so we have come a full cycle in management coaching. Altogether the entire development process in sales can be conducted and analyzed in just a few weeks.

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