“Making the good visible” – tips for value diagnostics in business

In her new book best-selling author Dr. Petra Wenzel focuses with Dr. Ulrich Vogel on value diagnostics with profilingvalues.

Dr. Petra Wenzel and Dr. Ulrich Vogel explain the scientific definition of values in their new book “Measuring Inner Values – Making the Good Visible”. Together they illustrate the exciting and diverse possibilities of value diagnostics with profilingvalues in business and beyond. This innovative process is based on the scientifically validated value profile of Robert S. Hartman, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

Munich, September 30, 2012 – In their new book best-selling author Dr. Petra Wenzel and profilingvalues founder Dr. Ulrich Vogel describe the successful use of value diagnostics in business. “The book is a dream come true for me. Profilingvalues opens up totally new worlds for a holistic view of man. Ideal for personnel development in business, coaching, therapy or simply for one’s self,” Petra Wenzel is delighted with her new focus. The holistically oriented doctor and preventologist is herself a certified profilingvalues partner. In the bite-sized readings together with Ulrich Vogel she competently and intelligibly imparts extensive knowledge about values and value diagnostics.

Scientifically founded and validated

Profilingvalues is based on the scientific value psychology work of Professor Robert S. Hartman, a German scientist, who left Germany for the USA in 1932 via England and Mexico. The profilingvalues competence spectrums have been scientifically validated many times internationally. The worldwide unique and cross-checked system measures a person’s “inner values” and present situation. A person’s “abilities” and - as a novelty - also their “desires” are mapped. In contrast to traditional, behavioral methods the procedure cannot be manipulated. Profilingvalues is location-based and is available around the clock. The comfortable and rapid online process takes just 20 minutes.

Dr. Petra Wenzel – best-selling author and innovative physician

The doctor, preventologist and best-selling author’s central theme is “With empathy, efficiency and a lot of humor I show you ways to improved health”. She rivets the attention of hundreds of thousands of open-minded readers with her books, such as “Medicine Chest – Get Healthy, Stay Healthy,” “In a Clever Mood – New Findings in Brain Research" and “Burnout 6.0 – Ways out of the Burnout Spiral”. As a certified profilingvalues partner she has been widely successful in using these methods to optimize quality of life in her coachings.

New publication: “Measuring Inner Values – Making the Good Visible – Value Diagnostics with Profilingvalues.” Authors: Dr. Ulrich Vogel, Dr. Petra Wenzel. Bibliothek Ltd. Pocket edition, 144 pages. ISBN 978-3-9813507-39. €7.99, 2012.

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