Success in Coaching Can Be Measured for the First Time

Profilingvalues is the first instrument with which coaches can measure their work scientifically and objectively.

Profilingvalues makes coaching measurable. The scientific procedure is often used for the entrance analysis to mark the areas of further development in advance. With this procedure consultants can save much time in the analysis phase which can be used instead in active coaching. In implementing profilingvalues during the sessions, the successes and progress in the person’s individual development are objectively measurable. Due to this reason, nearly two thirds of the certified partners of profilingvalues work as coaches.

Munich, March 4, 2013 – An objective measurement of the success of coaching is crucially important for the work of the consultants. This has been only possible since the profilingvalues method has been available. Profilingvalues is based on the work of the scientist, Robert S. Hartman, who was born in Berlin and immigrated to the USA in 1942. His value mathematics is the foundation for the multiply verified method. “Many of our certified partners are active in coaching and successfully use profilingvalues in their coaching programs,” describes Dr. Uli Vogel, the managing director and founder of profilingvalues, this area of application for the procedure which was developed by him.  “From a baseline measurement the consultants reach the important fields of development very quickly which are of central importance for further coaching sessions,” explains Vogel about the starting situation of his successful clients in this segment. With this fast and effective procedure, the consultant saves hours of time at the beginning of his work. Without this analysis, a good deal of time passes before one can advance to the core of the development areas. The argument that the consultant would have less hours which can be “billed“, refutes Vogel clearly: “You gain time through the effectiveness of the analysis, to concentrate more on the successful development of the client. For this reason our certified partners also implement profilingvalues during the consulting.” Thus, the progress in development can be objectively measured.  A key advantage of profilingvalues is its objectivity. The procedure cannot be manipulated, and a learning effect with repeated use is not possible. By dividing the result in "abilities" and "willingness", these intermediate measurements clearly show what the subsequent coaching sessions need to focus on. Coaches who also use profilingvalues ​​ at the end of their consulting can clearly present ​​their successes with this value metric tool. This step is unique and makes profilingvalues ​​so interesting and valuable.


Scientifically sound and validated
Profilingvalues ​​is based on the scientific work in the psychology of values ​ of Professor Robert S. Hartman, a German scientist who emigrated in 1933 via England, Sweden and Mexico to the United States. The competence scales of profilingvalues ​​have been scientifically validated internationally many times over. The unique and proven system measures the “inner values” and the current situation of a person. The "abilities" and the novel feature "willingness" of a person are represented. In contrast to traditional behavioral methods, the method cannot be manipulated. Profilingvalues ​​can be used anywhere around the clock. The convenient and fast online process takes only 20 minutes.

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