The Return of Values to Europe

The “Robert S. Hartman Institute Europe” aims to revitalize the value mathematics work of the German scientist.

The “Robert S. Hartman Institute Europe” has set itself the task of making the Nobel Prize nominated scientist’s research work accessible to a broad public. The newly established European branch of the US American institute is headed by Dr. Uli Vogel.

Vogel is also using Robert S. Hartman‘s findings as a basis for the work of his company, profilingvalues. He thus represents both the institute’s ambitions as well as their realization in practice.

Munich, November 13, 2012 – The work of the scientist Robert S. Hartman - who was born in Berlin and emigrated to the USA in 1938 - was nearly unknown in Europe for decades. Entrepreneur Uli Vogel has extensively devoted himself to Harman’s value mathematics theories and based his company, profilingvalues, on them. “Hartman was so shocked by the horrors of World War II and the cruelties of this era that he devoted himself to researching the ‘good in mankind’,” describes Vogel. “With the help of mathematical value diagnostics, which has meanwhile been verified many times, a person’s “psychological fingerprint” can be drawn up, which in turn enables personal growth and maturity,” relates Vogel about the significance of Hartman‘s work. To make the German scientist‘s theories and their practical realization accessible to a broad public in Europe as well, Vogel established the European arm of the “Robert S. Hartman Institute”. The aim is organizing conventions, meetings and publications on the topic of “value metrics”.

“We have a very pleasing increase in members for one NGO still in its founding phase. Distribution between scientists and practical users is approximately 50/50,” Vogel describes the institute‘s start-up phase. Vogel himself represents both elements of the member spectrum.
He uses Hartman‘s value mathematics in his personnel diagnostics process and is also preparing the researcher’s as yet unpublished works.
The findings from this should further increase the great potential of this science in practice. In addition to the new European arm the establishment of subsidiary companies in Latin America and Asia is planned. More information at

Scientifically informed and validated

Profilingvalues is based on the scientific value psychology works of Professor Robert S. Hartman, a German scientist, who left to emigrate to the USA in 1932 via England and Mexico. The competency scales of profilingvalues have been scientifically validated many times internationally. The worldwide unique and cross-checked system measures a person’s “inner values” and present situation. A person’s “abilities” are mapped and - as a first - also their “desires”. In contrast to traditional, behavioral methods the process cannot be manipulated. Profilingvalues is location-dependant and can be used around the clock. The comfortable and rapid online process takes a mere 20 minutes.

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