Timely Succession Planning as a Sustainable Market Advantage

Entrepreneurs who provide the foundation for their succession early are a step ahead of the competition. Profilingvalues accompanies this process right up to success.

Each year about 40,000 companies in Germany alone face sale or closure due to a shift in generations, according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce. For this reason it is important to specifically prepare for this process. With profilingvalue’s diagnostic method potentials can be elicited and new structures prepared. Business continuity and jobs are secured long term and over several generations of entrepreneurs.

Munich, June 24, 2013 – Transferring a company to a successor is a major challenge for many managers. Especially medium-sized family owned companies often lead the organization structures with one combined position. In the case of a generational change, such companies run the risk of encountering structural turbulence. “With our method, we determine the value system of a company and assist in the long term development of new structures,” says Dr. Uli Vogel, Managing Director of profilingvalues​​. The process, which only takes about 20 minutes to complete, is carried out by the employees and then evaluated. It can be compared which potential successor has the most similar value ​​structure to the outgoing entrepreneur. Founded on the scientific value ​​diagnostics by Robert S. Hartman, it shows who best fits the senior positions in the reorganization of the company. Based on the profilingvalues ​​reports, the entrepreneur has the ideal instrument on hand in time for an orderly transfer. This gives a decisive advantage over the competitors.

Company culture and new chances

In applying profilingvalues ​​it's not just about finding a successor, but also about possible restructuring. By aggregating the results in team reports, an overview of the value landscape ​​of the individual departments can be created. The integration of new procedures and processes becomes simpler and the search for appropriate structures easier. "Ideally, business should start at least three years before the scheduled handover with these processes," advises Vogel on the early start of these changes. Vogel employs profilingbrands along with profilingvalues. The operational equivalent of the personal method of profilingvalues ​​reveals the views of the employees and customers towards the company. This focus on the values ​​and philosophy often paves the way to recognize opportunities for restructuring and to begin implementation.

Scientifically based and validated

The competence scales of profilingvalues ​​have been scientifically validated internationally numerous times. The unique and proven system measures the “inner values” and the current situation of a person based on the research of the Nobel Prize nominated scientist Robert S. Hartman. The "ability" and also the unique feature "willingness" of a person are represented.

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