Wenn profilingvalues-Partner aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern (5)

Wie lebensverändernd im wahrsten Sinne ein profilingvalues Feedback-Gespräch sein kann, hat unser Partner der ersten Stunde Andy Marko erlebt. Er erzählt die Geschichte vom Blick in den Spiegel, der tiefgreifende Entscheidungen nach sich zog.

Andy Marko
Sofo Consulting

Digging into my archives, I found the “profilingvalues®-Partner certificate” I got from Dr. Ulrich Vogel on May 6th, 2011. During all the years, I have learnt and experienced so much thanks to my relationship with Uli, the discovery of Hartman’s value science and the practice of profilingvalues in my private as well as professional life.

They are many very good memories in helping people make important decisions. Putting them in front of a mirror to be confronted with who they are, what they are and where they want to go. Using kindness, never judging, just helping gain clarity.

The experience I would like to share with you today is the most strange I had with profilingvalues®. It was with a person in charge of a department within the HR global organization of a large Swiss multinational company.

He was interested into a profiling method to measure people within one of his projects. To help him discover profilingvalues®, I invited him to test it for himself, which he was very happy to do.

Quickly he did his profile. The debrief has been very difficult as he was quite busy with himself. Few weeks later, he informed me the project has been cancelled and he will not need profilingvalues®.

I forgot about him …

About 6 month later I got an email … The email said he would like to thank me for the great feedback session that changed his life. He wrote about our conversation saying it made him realize he was neither happy at home nor at work. He recalled on questions I asked him like “Who is responsible for your life? Who makes choices? Why is the status your position gives you so important?”. He mentioned he did spend quite lots of time to think about it and he eventually found his answers. He was currently in redesign of his life after having left partner and job …

I had to read the email 5 times to make sure I understood correctly. I did not dare to write back or to call him as I felt so bad about the implications our conversation had … It took me one full week to finally find the courage to pick up the phone and get in touch.

On the line, I found a happy and relaxed person, grateful for the feedback session we had and repeating at least 3 times that the decision was his, and the only thing I did was to force him to look into the mirror.

We kept in touch for a while. He found a new purpose for his life and today I can only hope that he found inner peace.

On my side … I never got business from his previous employer …