Our Unique Test Method

Profilingvalues offers a comprehensive look at the abilities, competencies, interests, biases, and potential of job applicants, staff, and managers. With our procedure it is possible to map the “inner values” and the current situation of a person. The results are presented in an extensive report that shows the personality traits and the present use of the individual’s potential.

Profilingvalues contributes sustainably to promote the performance and motivation of individuals and teams, as well as foster the entire organizational development.

Our Method in Use

Your Benefits

  • Profilingvalues is conducted online and takes only 20 minutes
  • No manipulation or showmanship is possible
  • Profilingvalues portrays the individual’s personal value system
  • Profilingvalues highlights the personality traits, abilities, focus of attention, and potential
  • The “abilities” are contrasted with the “desires”
  • Profilingvalues is a scientifically accredited, validated, reliable diagnostic method

How it Works

Participant receives access link by email

Participant conducts procedure online

Generate report

Analyze report

What We Offer

By utilizing the comprehensive training offerings at profilingvalues you’ll have the opportunity to become a certified professional in value diagnostics. As a certified partner you’ll be able to implement the profilingvalues instrument independently. At the same time, you’ll receive extensive support from our team.